Sunday, September 15, 2013

banana cake topped with cream cheese and salted caramel

banana cake
for banana cake, i love the recipe from kak rima,bisou toi.they are fluffy n can get the recipe from here

for cream cheese and salted caramel, i learned them from thekitchenguardian baking class.

cream cheese frosting

250gm cream cheese
125gm  butter
4 tbs icing sugar
3 tbs cream
1 teaspoon vanila essence

beat butter until creamy..add cream cheese..continue beating until they are fluffy.add vanila, followed by icing sugar until combined.mix in whipped cream.

salted caramel
280 gm sugar
100gm butter
200 ml whipping cream
1 tea spoon salt

heat sugar in in a heavy bottom pan until they are caramelized,be careful not to burn them.turn off the heat,add butter , whipping cream and salt,stir until combined

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